Bring It On (2019) – Storybook Theatre

Assistant Lighting Designer

August 17 – September 7, 2019

Set in the high-stakes world of competitive high school cheerleading, Bring It On: The Musical tells the story of Campbell, cheer captain and most popular girl at the uber-affluent Truman High School. Before she can lead her award-winning squad to another win at Nationals, tragedy strikes: School redistricting forces Campbell to transfer to the multi-ethnic Jackson High School. Knocked off her throne as teen queen, Campbell tries to make sense of her new “outsider” status. Soon she discovers that Eva, a plotting sophomore with delusions of grandeur, is responsible for knocking her from the top of the cheer pyramid. With a national title on the line, Campbell must convince Danielle, Jackson’s “it-girl” and leader of hip-hop dance troupe The Crew, to start a cheerleading squad and help bring on some sweet revenge.

Production Team:

  • Director: Justine Westby
  • Associate Director: Justine Westby
  • Music Director: Tara Laberge
  • Choreographer: Jocelyn Hooover-Leiver
  • Producer: JP Thibodeau
  • Stage Manager: Alissa Grams
  • Production Manager: Jody Low
  • Lighting Design: JP Thibodeau
  • Set Design: JP Thibodeau
  • Sound Design: Kris Mish
  • Costume Design: Darcie Howe
  • Hair Design: Cat Bentley
  • Makeup Design: Cat Bentley

Production Photos:

Photos by Benjamin Laird