Luggage Tag Info

Property of Ian McClellan
General Notes:
  • All luggage owned by Ian McClellan contains an Apple Airtag to assist in tracking the precise location of the luggage. These devices are reliant on the proximity of other iPhone devices which will automatically relay the location data of the luggage back to Ian. Refrain from tampering with these devices when handling the luggage.
  • Past, Current, and Future flights are made public via Ian McClellan’s “My Flightradar24” Profile, detailed below. In the case that Airline Provided Label is detached/missing from the luggage, please refer to this profile for confirmation of ownership.

MyFlightRadar24 Profile  –  Past, Current and Future Flights all documented in the Flight List

Picture of Ian McClellan

Headshot by Tim Nguyen Co.

A: 11439 78 Ave NW

     Edmonton, AB Canada

     T6G 0N2

P: +1 (587) 585-4139

E: [email protected]

E: [email protected]