Moby Dick (2019) – Scorpio Theatre

Co-Lighting Designer & Programmer

May 31 – June 8, 2019

Three small words will transport you into a literary classic, filled with both the perils of nature and the dangers of obsession. Three small words will ignite the story of one man’s relentless and unbending quest for revenge. Three small words will show you all that most maddens and torments and breaks the mind of this one man, and destroys the lives of those who would follow him into the deep.

Production Team:

  • Director: Ted Lach
  • Producer: Daisy Pond
  • Stage Manager: Daisy Pond
  • Lighting Design: Ian McClellan & Thomas Hall
  • Set Design: Ted Lach
  • Sound Design: Thomas Hall
  • Costume Design: Rhonda Mottle
  • Hair Design: Rhonda Mottle
  • Makeup Design: Rhonda Mottle

Production Photos:

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