Treasure Island (2017) – Central Memorial High School

Lighting Designer & Programmer

November 21 – 26, 2017

When Jim Hawkins finds the map to a legendary treasure, he embarks on a perilous voyage to claim it. His journey leads him to uncover a pirate mutiny, a chance meeting with an isolated misfit, and ultimately discover what kind of person he wants to be. Robert Louis Stevenson’s beloved coming-of-age adventure story is given a bold new stage adaptation by Governor General’s Award-winning playwright Nicolas Billon.

Production Team:

  • Director: Michelle Crimmins
  • Vocal Coach: Jane MacFarlane
  • Fight Director: Zakk MacDonald
  • Producer: Len Simon
  • Stage Manager: Sylvan McGowan
  • Lighting Design: Ian McClellan
  • Set Design: Len Simon
  • Sound Design: Sylvan McGowan
  • Projection Design: Len Simon & Sylvan McGowan
  • Costume Design: Victoria Krawchuck
  • Hair Design: Victoria Krawchuck
  • Makeup Design: Victoria Krawchuck

Production Photos:

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