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The Invisible: Agents of Ungentlemanly Warfare (2022) – Catalyst Theatre

Projection Associate

2022 Tour: April 29 – May 11, 2022

France. 1940. After months of training and successful missions, The Invisible are sent on one of their most dangerous missions to date. Seven exceptional female operatives risk their lives to fight a dangerous war of sabotage, propaganda and espionage — breaking with decorum and defying expectations, these women achieve the impossible, helping to bring down the greatest threat of their time, only to go completely unseen. This genre-busting mash-up of historical research, film-noir, graphic novels, and musical theatre is a contemporary portrait of brave women who risked their lives to fight during WWII–only to find themselves betrayed by the very world they believed they were fighting for.

Production Team:

  • Director: Jonathan Christenson
  • Choreographer: Courtney Arsenault
  • Original Choreographer: Laura Krewski
  • Music Director: Ruth Alexander
  • Production Manager: Lee O’Reilly
  • Stage Manager: John Raymond (appr. Francis Bundy)
  • Production Design: Bretta Gereke
  • Sound Design: Matthew Skopyk
  • Dramaturg: Sarah Garton Stanley
  • Producer: Lana Michelle Hughes
  • Associate Sound Designer & Sound Engineer: Michael Caron
  • Apprentice Stage Manager: Frances Bundy
  • COVID Safety Coordinator/Production Assistant: Melanie Bahniuk
  • Projection Associate: Ian McClellan & Jordan Dowler-Coltman
  • Costume Coordinator: Jonathan Beaudoin
  • Costume Assistant: Josée Chartrand

Production Photos:

Photos by Emily Cooper

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Rochdale (2022) – Studio Theatre

Associate Projection Designer & Programmer

March 25 – April 2, 2022

It’s 1969. The Vietnam War rages on. Apollo 11 lands on the moon. The Chicago Seven are indicted. Nixon is elected. Trudeau is in office. The FLQ bombs the Montreal Stock Exchange. And in Toronto, Rochdale College – an experiment in cooperative housing and alternative education – is about to become very famous for all the wrong reasons.

Production Team:

  • Director: Sandy Nicholls
  • Production Manager: Josh McIntosh
  • Stage Manager: Charlotte Braid (assist. Andraya Rodrigues, Liz Page)
  • Lighting Design: Guido Tondino
  • Set & Projection Design: Guido Tondino (Proj. assoc. Ian McClellan)
  • Sound Design: Matthew Skopyk
  • Costume Design: Ankita Yadav
  • Head of Paint: Guido Tondino
  • Technical Director: Larry Clark (assist. Nicole Man)
  • Head of Lighting: Kai Yakichuk
  • Sound Op: Kade Mazury
  • Props Master: Jane Kline

Production Photos:

Photos by